In this special report, students from the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies analyze some of the most exciting economic, business and technology developments helping to shape today’s world.

The articles offer new perspectives on the ever-changing global economy, including the growth of consumer markets in Brazil, Egypt and China, and the impact of the crisis on French luxury goods. The green economy’s growth worldwide is captured in articles on organic products in Germany, solar energy in Senegal and Japan’s eco-tech industry. The rise of the Russian gambling industry, sustainable tourism in Egypt and high-end gastronomy in Spain illustrate new frontiers in the leisure business. China’s coming of age is captured in articles on the development of its venture capital and mutual fund industries, enhanced awareness of social corporate responsibility, and the growth of second- and third-tier cities. New developments in infrastructure and financial services are reflected in pieces on the mobile Internet in Latin America, the rise to prominence of Spanish infrastructure management companies, and a new form of transparent, customer-driven banking.

Taken together, the 16 articles offer perspectives on a range of dynamic economies and identify existing opportunities for conducting business within specific cultural, political and institutional contexts. The articles are part of the Lauder Global Business Insight program.

Download the report in PDF Format (4,253Kb)