a Business Radio Special with Karl Rove, Ken Vogel, Michelle Ye Hee Lee, and Charlie Dent

Business Radio Special: Hosted William Burke-White, Policy Advisor, Expert in International Law, and Deputy Dean and Director of Perry World House at the University of Pennsylvania, we explore the interplay of business and politics with a look at the upcoming midterm US elections (Nov 6, 2018). Part I of this special will explore The Business of Political Campaigns with Karl Rove, Former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush; The Intersection of Money and Politics with Ken Vogel, Reporter for the New York Times, and Michelle Yee Hee Lee, National Political Enterprise and Accountability Reporter at The Washington Post; and Trade Policy’s Impact on American Businesses with Charlie Dent, Former U.S. Congressman representing the 15th district in Pennsylvania.