a Business Radio Special Broadcast with Loren Feldman and Host Dan Loney

Business Radio Special: Hosted by Dan Loney, we are broadcasting live from the second annual Forbes Small Giants Awards in NYC, a gathering of over 25 small business entrepreneurs celebrated their unique missions. We begin identifying what a “Small Giant” is with journalist and coordinator of the Forbes Small Giants Awards, LOREN FELDMAN, Editor in Chief of the Oxford Center for Entrepreneurs and host of “Mind Your Business” on SiriusXM 132. Then, we meet Austin, Texas-based MATT O’HAYER, CEO and Founder of Vital Farms, who, since 2007 has grown his pasture-raised, artisanal chicken company to 140 family farms in eight states. The recognizable Whole Foods and Wal-Mart product is an example of how “organic” food has become mainstream as consumers will spend a premium, price for a better-tasting, well-treated animal. Then, remember those times you’ve stopped at your neighborhood store on the way home from work and spontaneously bought “day-old” pastry for a bargain? DAVID RODRIGUEZ has created an app that directs people to find these daily discounts. As the CEO & Co-Founder for Food for All, he is working in urban areas to cut down on food waste and help increase visibility of 200 restaurants. Next, JOE MOTZ, a self-described “farm boy” was always interested in “keeping it green” with efficient methods. The Motz Corporation manages premium, synthetic and natural grass systems for athletic fields,  restaurants, office complexes and other ground surfaces. Motz is joined by ZACH BURNS, President of The Motz Group and VALERIE WEBSTER, President of USGreentech, a sustainable, turf infill partner.