A Map to Show Who Is Expanding — and Who Is Not

Moody's Economy.com Dismal Scientist web site today highlights its global recession status map, which shows economic expansion underway in economies as diverse as China, Egypt and Panama. In a "Global Outlook" report that accompanies the map, economist The Ruth Stroppiana explains in this month's Global Outlook, it is now  possible to at least envision the end of the worldwide downturn:

"Among the major economies, China is currently on the most stable footing and looks set to be the first to recover. While Asia’s giant growth locomotive came close to derailment late last year amid factory closures and surging unemployment, the Chinese government's massive fiscal stimulus, one of the world's largest, has helped put its economy back on track…

"A number of Asian countries — with the notable exception of Japan — have either reached or are approaching the bottom of their current cycle. The U.S. will follow Asia out of the recessionary abyss in the closing months of the year. Most major economies in Latin America — with the exception of Mexico — will also start expanding by the end of the year. Firmer commodity prices will also provide an additional stimulus for some Latin American countries."

The full report is for subscribers only, buy the interactive map is free. Clicking on individual countries provides a brief summary of their economic status.

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