The Global Push for Change

In every corner of the world, change is visible. Governments, businesses, organizations and individuals are pushing for transformation, refusing to accept the status quo because they believe there is a better way that can benefit more people. Perhaps these tireless change agents can find inspiration in Albert Einstein, who said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” But growth rarely comes without pains: Over time, processes become institutionalized, traditions ingrained and corruption normalized, making real change that much harder to achieve.

Nevertheless, change agents persist. From the expansion of women’s rights in Argentina and greater financial inclusion Brazil, to closing the digital divide in India and improving infrastructure in South Africa, re-visionaries are hard at work. In this special report, students from the Joseph H. Lauder Institute for Management & International Studies offer insights into the global struggle for change – whether it be how immigration is reshaping business and culture in Germany and Brazil, the ways in which old-world social connections have molded life in modern Russia, or how China is coping with socio-economic changes on its path to becoming a superpower.

The long view of history has been marked by periods of intense turbulence, and these times are no exception. But with time, patience and persistence, nations can harness the transformative power of change.


Politics and Policies

  • Latin America’s Green Wave: Transforming Women’s Reproductive Rights
  • Integration in Germany: What Challenges Lie Ahead?
  • Reconciling History: How South Africa, China and Singapore Are Building a Better History
  • The Impact of Low Social Capital in Russia
  • Can Technology Narrow the Gaps in China’s Education System?
  • Water Management in Cape Town: Lessons Learned from Singapore

Economy and Finance

  • The Challenges of China’s Aging Population
  • Rebuilding the French Welfare State
  • Digital Payments: A Look at Argentina and Brazil
  • Privatization in China and the Road Ahead
  • Brazil: Financial Inclusion and Innovation in Financial Services
  • China-Africa Relations: Who Is the Real Winner?
  • Argentina’s New Economic Crisis

Business and Technology

  • India’s Stack Attack
  • Immigration as a Driver of Entrepreneurship: The Case of Brazil
  • Understanding the Japanese Private Equity Market
  • Calming Air India’s Turbulence: Is Privatization the Answer?
  • How Digital Transformation Is Revolutionizing Value Chains in Kenya
  • Will Startups Fuel South Korea’s Next Economic Miracle?

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