We’re featuring a series this month called “2019: A Look Ahead” and continue with a look at impending changes to US tax law and policy. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act went into effect in 2018 and the majority of us will feel its impact when we file our taxes in the coming weeks or months. However it’s already left a mark on the federal budget deficit. Although the Trump administration said the tax plan would “pay for itself,” that has not happened, instead the deficit went up by 17 percent from the year before. The small boost it gave to the economy may be a temporary effect. In the meantime, the IRS is dealing with the partial government shutdown and it’s unclear whether tax refunds will be sent out on time, even though the deadline to file remains the same. Host Dan Loney is joined by Michael Knoll, Co-Director of the Center for Tax Law and Policy as well as Law Professor at the Univ. of Pennsylvania Law School, and Daniel Hemel, Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago Law School, to discuss how these tax policies might play out in 2019.