We’re featuring a series this month called “2019: A Look Ahead” and continue with a look at the Mueller Investigation into the Russian meddling in the 2016 US Presidential election. Thirty-three people have either been indicted or have pled guilty so far, including five former advisers to the president. We don’t yet know whether President Donald Trump himself, or anyone within his inner circle, colluded with Moscow. Media outlets report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is almost done with his investigation and could turn in his report to the Justice Department within the next several weeks. Host Dan Loney talks with Philip Nichols, Professor of Social Responsibility in Business and Legal Studies in Business the Wharton School, and William Black, Associate Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, white collar criminologist and former financial regulator, about what impact this report could have on the White House and where the investigation may lead on Knowledge at Wharton.