Chinese tech giant Huawei is suing the U.S. government, alleging the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act prohibiting government agencies from buying its equipment or contracting with other companies violates the Constitution. Huawei argues US Congress doesn’t have a good reason for this ban to be put in place, and that they are being singled out. US official allege that Huawei equipment could be used by the Chinese government to spy on Americans – Huawei denies such an accusation. Currently, Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer and daughter of the founder, Meng Wanzhou, continues to be held in Canada and faces extradition to the U.S. on fraud charges. Host Dan Loney takes a deeper look at these allegations with Regina Abrami, Senior Fellow in Management at Wharton, Director of the Global Institute at The Lauder Institute, and Head of its International Studies Faculty, and Richard Dasher, Director of the US-Asia Technology Management Center at Stanford University, on Knowledge at Wharton.