Last week, The European Union and Britain wrapped up a meeting concluding they need more time to develop their “Brexit” strategy, as the latest problem is forming a customs border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. They also discussed the issue of a ‘soft’ Brexit, where there would be a slow transition period perhaps of 21 months, verses a ‘hard’ exit. Prime Minister Teresa May seems to be in favor of the former but is getting pressure from hard-line Brexiteers for the latter. Whatever happens, May has to present the deal to Parliament on January 21, 2019, and the Brexit is set for March 29. Host Dan Loney talks with Daniel Kelemen, Professor of Political Science and Chair in European Union Politics at Rutgers University, and Brendan O’Leary, Lauder Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, to get the latest on these negotiations on Knowledge at Wharton.