Would you buy brand-name ice cream or shampoo that came in a reusable container? A company called Loop is working with a number of consumer product companies, including Nestle, PepsiCo and Proctor & Gamble, to work towards “zero waste” initiatives. With reusable containers, you would place your empty Crest mouthwash bottle in a separate recycling bin that would be picked up and taken to a cleaning and sterilization facility, and refilled with the product for you or another customer. Host Dan Loney talks with Americus Reed, Marketing Professor at the Wharton School and host of Marketing Matters, and Eric Orts, Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics and Director of the Initiative for Global Environmental Studies at the Wharton School, about the sustainability impact this service could have when picked up by major brands, and how likely consumers are to adapt to this new greener model on Knowledge at Wharton.