In this special episode, listen to curated excerpts from this year’s Ripple Effect podcast, where Wharton professors discuss a range of trending business topics.

Featured in the Episode

  • Erika James: Common mistakes that leaders make in times of crisis.
  • Matthew Bidwell: Office collaboration in the world of remote work.
  • Americus Reed: A brand is a meaning system.
  • Lynn Wu: AI and a look at how past technologies have impacted the job market.
  • Ben Keys: The future of the housing market.
  • Nancy Rothbard: Women in leadership and the work still to be done.
  • Pinar Yildirim: The future of luxury goods.
  • Itay Goldstein: How people’s spending habits are still affected by the COVID pandemic.
  • Iwan Barankay: The myth of the four-day work week.
  • Nikolai Roussanov: The potential for an impending recession.
  • Santiago Gallino: Customers are omnichannel.
  • Katy Milkman: The Marry Poppins effect: How stacking difficult tasks with enjoyable ones leads to better results.