In the 20 articles that make up this special report, students from the Joseph H. Lauder Institute of Management & International Studies explore the many ways that the business community has responded to changes in our global economy. They look at individual companies and industry trends, and analyze how startups as well as established firms are taking advantage of transformative events around the world.
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The Groupon Effect in China

Talent Management at Multinational Firms in China

Louis Vuitton and the Traveling Chinese Consumer

The Trials and Tribulations of Japan’s Energy Policy

Uncorking China’s Wine Market

‘Thanks But No Thanks’ to Made in China?

Business versus Ethics: The India Tradeoff?


Born in the USA, Made in France: How McDonald’s Succeeds in the Land of Michelin Stars

In Germany, the Oxymoron of Mr. Du

Small Businesses in Russia: Drowning in a Sea of Giants

Globalization and the French Horse Racing Industry

Spain No Longer Battling the Windmills

Microcultures: Cultural Sustainable Development in France

The Middle East

The Unexpected Early Winners of the Arab Spring

Saving Vocational Education in a New Arab World

Latin America

Are Colombian Flowers Experiencing a U.S. Drought?

Will a Shortage of Qualified Labor Derail the Brazilian Economy?

Open for Business: The Pacification of Brazil’s Favelas

From Terrorism to Tourism: Waving the Flag of Development in Colombia

Building Blocks: The Bright Future of Colombia’s Cement Industry