The Surf is Up! And some summertime-savvy Wharton professors have identified their favorite surfing locations that are perfect for everyone — from the novice who just wants to get some toes wet to the experienced surfer looking for a Hang Ten challenge.

But for those who have no intention of riding a surfboard, please note that we’re not talking about surfing the waves. We’re surfing the Internet, presenting you with a list of favorite and most often used summertime websites. Instead of compiling a list of favorite books – something that many online and print publications do routinely at this time of year – we decided to give a nod to burgeoning broadband access and ask a few Wharton professors to identify the top websites they use during the summer for work, family and fun.

With your laptop in tow and beach blanket in hand, your summer of surfing is about to take on a whole new meaning. Here goes:

Michael R. Gibbons
, professor of investment banking and chairman of the finance department: – It bills itself as the most comprehensive wine website in the world. It has online wine research, ratings and a monthly publication. — Online multimedia communication center that allows simultaneous access to power point presentations and Internet communication between several people at once, while they are also often on the telephone. — The online version of the popular public radio program, Car Talk. “If you miss their weekly show,” said Gibbons, “you can get it on the web.”

Ravi Aron, professor of operations and information management: — For all the news that fits the screen, The New York Times is available online. — Online magazine of The Economist with “deeper analysis than the New York Times and a nice bridge between work and general reading,” said Aron. (NB: If you want to check it out, please note that its web address is, not The latter will take you to a website featuring Alan Greenspan, chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve.) — Online technology business news, and one of the pioneers in online tech journalism. Media Metrix ranks CNET as one of the most heavily visited web sites on the Internet.

Sean Nicholson, professor of health care systems: — Provides analysis of how the Internet and other developments in information technology are changing the pharmaceutical industry. — The online magazine of biotechnology industry analysis. Detailed monthly studies of industry trends, financial information related to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, valuation history of biotech companies when both private and public. – The Health Care Financing Administration web site. “Best site for data on Medicare and Medicaid expenditure and utilization,” said Nicholson.

Ann E. Mayer, professor of legal studies: “This summer, I am developing a new course on how international human rights standards pertain to the conduct of international business. My favorite websites:” — A site about the United Nations and Business. Current information on new initiatives being taken under United Nations auspices to bring international business operations into compliance with currently developing international law affecting such operations. — Useful information on the initiatives of the International Labor Organization to develop international standards governing workers.
UN Multilateral Treaties — Current international treaties with details about the status of ramifications and any reservations that countries have entered.

Mauro F. Guillen, professor of management and sociology: — Excellent site for worldwide Internet and eBusiness development, statistics and market research. — Presented by The Economist newspaper, the Economist Intelligence Unit presents country-based intelligence information. The EIU’s web site ( is another useful resource. — “You know what it is” said Guillen. Indeed, comprehensive weather information online, sponsored by The Weather Channel.

Philip M. Nichols, professor of legal studies: — “The Onion is a satirical newspaper and is possibly the funniest site on the web,” said Nichols. — Transparency International site that provides an “unending amount of empirical research on corruption, a subject that needs to be explored rigorously and empirically rather than anecdotally,” said Nichols. — The United Nations Center for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business site. According to Nichols, this site is “on the cutting edge of electronic business, and lets me know what is going on in Europe.”

Morris A. Cohen, professor of operations and information management and systems engineering: — Online news from The New York Times. — Online news, business, technology and financial information, features. — Need a vacation? Looking to get away? This website helps you locate discount airline flights, hotels, cars, vacation packages and more.

In addition to these web sites, many professors said their favorite search engine is Google. They also often visit to get news and information about the school.

But when they have knowledge to impart and share, of course, they all do it through one site: Knowledge at Wharton. Keep surfing.