We’re featuring a series this month called “2019: A Look Ahead” and continue with a look at the current situation in China. The second biggest economy in the world is in the midst of a trade war with the United States that’s starting to have a palpable impact as recently Apple reported its iPhone sales were lower than expected in China. And auto sales declined in 2018, which demonstrates the first retreat for that sector in two decades. And numerous other companies are pulling back on their growth forecasts as well. The U.S. and China called a 90-day ceasefire on imposing new tariffs that started in December, and have announced they will hold ministerial level talks in Beijing next week. If no agreement is reached by the March deadline, the U.S. could proceed with new tariffs and China will likely retaliate. Host Dan Loney talks with Minyuan Zhao, Associate Professor of Management at Wharton, and Jacque DeLisle, Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science at University of Pennsylvania, about where China is headed in the New Year on Knowledge at Wharton.