Lawrence G. Hrebiniak passed away on January 18, 2022. Additional information can be found here.

Lawrence G. Hrebiniak is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Management at the Wharton School, and a member of the Strategy Group. He has been on the Wharton faculty since 1976. His research interests include organizational adaptation, structure, and design, as well as strategy formulation and implementation.

Over the years, Hrebiniak has received several awards for teaching excellence, most recently in 2008 when he received the Core Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Wharton MBA Program. Dr. Hrebiniak held managerial positions in industry prior to entering academia, and has had considerable consulting experience. He is a past president of the Organization and Management Theory Division of the Academy of Management. He has been a reviewer and member of the Editorial Review Board for a number of academic and professional management journals.

For two years, he was one of four Wharton faculty providing commentaries on the “Wharton Management Report,” a program that appeared daily on national television on the Financial News Network. He earned a PhD in Management and an MBA in Strategic Management from SUNY Buffalo.