Knowledge at Wharton will be on a holiday break until the first week of January. To tide our readers over, here’s a roundup of this year’s most popular stories.

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Top Ten from 2012

Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs: Chasing After the ‘Purple Squirrel’

Why External Hires Get Paid More, and Perform Worse, than Internal Staff

Declining Employee Loyalty: A Casualty of the New Workplace

What’s Wrong with This Picture: Kodak’s 30-year Slide into Bankruptcy

Want to Improve Customer Service? Treat Your Employees Better

Born in the USA, Made in France: How McDonald’s Succeeds in the Land of Michelin Stars

Why the Job Search Is Like ‘Throwing Paper Airplanes into the Galaxy’

What’s Driving Americans to Retire Abroad? Money — or Lack of It

Flipping the Switch: Who Is Responsible for Getting Employees to Take a Break?

The Facebook IPO: What Went Wrong?