About The K@W Team

The Knowledge@Wharton Team
As with all projects at Wharton, this is a product of teamwork. The people behind Knowledge@Wharton include:

United States Team

Mukul Pandya
Executive Director/Editor-in-Chief

Steve Guglielmi
Senior Editorial Director

Steve Sherretta
Senior Managing Editor

Rachel Kipp
Associate Editorial Director

Deborah Yao
Senior Editor, Knowledge@Wharton Custom Content

Diana Drake
Managing Editor, Knowledge@Wharton High School

Kendall Whitehouse
Contributing Editor, Technology and Media

Shankar Parameshwaran
Editor, News/Custom Content

Sanjay A. Modi
IT Technical Director

Jim Tracy
Sr. IT Project Leader

Kara Dunn
Associate Director of Marketing

Dongnian Zhou (Effie)
Project Coordinator

Allyson Vaughan
Administrative Assistant

Peter Winicov
Communications and Content Licensing

International Team

Meenu Shekar
Deputy Editor, Asia Region

Autumn Zhu
Contributing Editor, China

Ana Escalante Galan
Contributing Editor, Spain/Latin America

Pinchas Landau
Contributing Correspondent, Israel

Advisory Board

Franklin Allen
Gustavo Arnavat
Elaine Boxer
Peter Fader
Gerald Faulhaber
Mauro Guillen
Michael Halperin
Kartik Hosanagar
Dmitri Ivanov
Stephen J. Kobrin
Alec Lamon
Barry Libert
Kurt Oeler
Nitin Rakesh
David J. Reibstein
Lori Rosenkopf
Julius Sarkozy
Robbie Shell
Jai Singh
Terry Suppers
Kevin Werbach


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