Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg founded a school for blind children in Tibet as well as an institute in India to promote social entrepreneurship. And that’s just the beginning.

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The push to divert virtually all material from landfills and incinerators is strongest in Europe, but it has also gained a foothold in the U.S. Zero waste goals are increasingly[…]
Data is reshaping the world of Waste -- “no more garbage in, garbage out.”
For much of human history, people have found ways to profitably reuse their waste. Today, the new emphasis on sustainability is driving some companies and municipalities to divert waste streams[…]
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While Peru and Colombia have experienced a rapid decline in poverty over the past decade, poverty rates are still high, and the level of inequality has increased. In response, the[…]
Sports goes green and blows past the “good PR” stage. Greening now adds to the bottom line.