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NIIT Technologies’ Lalit Dhingra on Innovations in Air Travel

Led by IT and R&D, many changes are taking place in the air travel industry, says NIIT Technologies' Lalit Dhingra.
Initial public offerings, once the Holy Grail for growing companies, are less popular as investors show more interest in alternate capital sources.
Outsourcing is moving to version 3.0. It calls for much more collaboration, says NIIT Technologies president Lalit Dhingra.
Part II of this Knowledge@Wharton podcast looks at the falling market share of PE for emerging markets, and the rising investments outside of the BRIC countries, and the increasing importance[…]
Rapid technology developments and disruptive innovation are blurring the boundaries across the telecom, IT and media industries.
Retailers are tapping an array of digital analytical tools to understand shoppers the way merchants, a couple of generations ago, knew customers by name and buying habits. Already, some models[…]
Some large consumer products companies could save 10% to 20% of global advertising agency expenses through agency consolidation, benchmarked rates and other efficiencies.
The recent successful showing for many initial public offerings (IPOs) comes largely from strong equity markets, but also from smaller tranches and the push for operational improvements.
The U.S. trucking industry faces major technological disruption – a switch from diesel fuel to natural gas products. This means new – and more expensive – engines and other infrastructure[…]
The trucking industry looks set to enjoy three or four years of reasonable growth, say experts at Wharton and GE Capital. But not everything out on the road is smooth-running[…]